ATTONUCLEI, is a Research and Development Center, specialized in custom Quantum Dots, improving high technology innovations based on the nanotechnologies utilisation.

Therefore on our website, we do not show many glass bottled brilliant images of Quantum Dots, we show only brilliant results of Attonuclei's functionalized custom Quantum Dots based breakdown technological innovations.

Our startup is a “fully independent and auto financed nanotechnology company” whose mission is to perform research and to develop bottom-up custom quantum dots’ manufacturing techniques for implementation of high value added products.

We already have nearly a 10 years experience in custom quantum dots and engineered nanomaterials. Therefore, our goal is to promote “functionalized custom quantum dots” to the forefront of nanotechnology for tomorrow.

Nanotechnology is a term globally used in many applications and products containing very tiny particles, enabling new properties.

The one and only founder is Prof. Han Athalin, an international, renowned entrepreneur and multidisciplinary-sciences researcher. Our company is powered by PhD degree scientists with well established competence in quantum dots technology, biology, polymer chemistry, analytical chemistry, as well as computational chemistry. Our expertise lies in “Taking Theoretical and Fundamental Concepts to Commercialization” and converting high-risk ideas into high-payoff, market-based solutions with an end-to-end action.

ATTONUCLEI is a world wide “Custom Quantum Dots” reference, which got the Research accreditation by the Ministry of the Higher Education Research, thanks to its high scientific skills. We offer to the world’s biggest companies specific feasibility studies, technology licenses and transfers.

Quantum dots are very versatile nanostructures as their size, chemical nature and surface can be tuned. Therefore custom quantum dots with unique electronic and electromagnetic properties can be obtained and used in fields such as nanobiotechnology, nanoelectronics and nanomaterials.

Our mission is to create new synergies with various companies who want to improve their products, to add new functions or materials, to create new innovations.

Since its creation, ATTONUCLEI has developed many Quantum Dots synthesis method and high-end products for the high technological industries.

Our strength is our capacity to customize functionalized quantum Dots and engineered nanoparticles at the industrial scale.


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