ATTONUCLEI can design and functionalized custom quantum dots with unique electronic and electromagnetic properties extending the scope of quantum dots applications.

Thanks to these unique properties and to our expertise, ATTONUCLEI’s researchers develop quantum dots applications exclusively in fields of nanobiotechnology, nanoelectronics and nanomaterials.

Quantum dots are a new form of matter that can be considered as « artificial atoms” because free electrons in them start to behave in a way similar to bound electrons by atoms in that they can only occupy certain permitted energy states. They have linear discrete absorption spectra (like atoms) and electromagnetic emission that is tunable (by changing the dot size) over a wide range, from far infrared to deep ultraviolet.

They can be moved around for different purposes: to form quantum dots « artificial atoms » to form three-dimensional « meta-crystals » that form new materials having tailored lattice constants, tailored crystal symmetry and tailored band structure to act as dopants in other materials to be joined with a larger molecule to form a super molecule.

In this way, instead of 109 elements we have at our disposal, in principle, an unlimited number of atomic « elements ».

For example, for the Quantum Dots based cryptography technology the usefulness of quantum dots comes from their peak electromagnetic emission frequency’s extreme sensitivity to both the dot’s size and composition, which can be controlled using “ATTONUCLEI’s Sublimation Technologies” proprietary engineering techniques.

With this method, it became possible to produce mono-dispersed quantum dots at the atomic scale, making strain-free high-quality artificial atoms a reality. By selection of the growth requirements, ATTONUCLEI can produce diverse functionality of quantum dots, in addition to facilitating production of various quantum dots. In fact, we target new kernels with specific properties and then refine the synthetic routes for larger-scale custom production.

In other words, to produce, by wet synthesis, quantum dots of atomic size in which functional characteristics are added to quantum-structural qualities during the synthesizing phase. Furthermore, to obtain the maximum compatibility performance of these quantum dots in the environment they will be verified by three dimensional mathematical simulations (by the ATTONUCLEI’s 250/s Teraflop cluster) during the production phase.

Our laboratory uses “ATTONUCLEI Sublimation Technologies” to synthesize in industrial scale and functionalize custom quantum dots.

Therefore, unlike online quantum dots shops, we do not sell any catalog quantum dot products for limited applications and with limited electronic and electromagnetic characteristics.
Moreover, stressing on technological innovation and advancement, we only produce irreproachable quality quantum dots.

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