To support the Research and Development on Custom Quantum Dots, in which ATTONUCLEI invested encompasses multiple core facilities which include highly-secured atmosphere controlled both wet and dry laboratories, equipment in the form of full spectrum vibronic spectrometers, far and near field microscopes, electron and AFM microscopes, X-Ray quantitative and qualitative analyzers, ppt level mass spectrometers, high resolution liquid and gas chromatographies, particle analyzers, 250/s Teraflop simulation and modeling cluster, sub-micron resolution 3D plotters and etc…

Furthermore, we have developed refined near field microscopic and spectroscopic techniques (3D  time resolved PL) for analysis of electronic structure and light wave propagation of the quantum dots. ATTONUCLEI uses the most powerful instruments in the market to analyze a range of nano and subnano scale products (quantum dots, nanorods, nanoparticles, nanotubes, etc.) for materials identification and characterization.

At the micro scale, these include structures built up from nano building blocks, lithography (e.g. laser etching technologies), self assembled nano structured materials such as nanoporous materials, colloidal nanostructures and multiphase dispersions.

At the stage of the manufacture, it is important to demonstrate that the product meets the specifications. This process can involve imaging of the particles, surfaces and 3D structures, measuring parameters such as particle size distributions or surface area, and assessing associated product variability.

These facilities allow ATTONUCLEI to manufacture innovative technologies.

Indeed, for the first time in the world we have developed industrially exploitable, quantum dots based novel medical devices, one example being a matrix enabling better skin structure regeneration. This hydrogel matrix incorporates bandgap engineered semiconductor quantum dots as well as water-dispersible plasmonic colloids, with highly efficient inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, respectively.

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