Nanoscience is the study of phenomena and manipulation of materials at atomic, molecular, and macromolecular scales, where properties differ significantly from those at a larger scale.

Nanomaterials fabrication processes
Nanomaterials fabrication


Quantum dots, also known as “artificial atoms”, are a unique class of semiconductor nanoparticles which cross the boundary between nanoscience and nanotechnology and link the two areas together.

The goal of the quantum dot is in the attometer (1 billionth of a nanometer) scale of electrons. Electrons occupy one of two bands in a material’s crystal. By providing the proper stimuli, one or several electrons can be forced to move from one band (VB) to the other (CB), creating a positively charged hole. Together, the hole and the electron are referred to as an exciton.

Normally, the electron and the hole in the exciton stay apart from each other, this is called the exciton “Bohr radius”. However, if the nanocrystal is reduced in size, it crowds this gap. Once that happens, it changes the nanocrystal’s ability to absorb and emit energy. At this point, the quantum dot is created.

Associated with Attonuclei’s knowledge and facilities in band gap engineering our researchers can obtain “custom quantum dots” with different electronic and electromagnetic properties by tuning their size, giving them potential for a broad range of applications.

The particle size of the our Custom Quantum Dots is so small, ranging from magic size to some ten nanometers (limited by Bohr radius) in diameter,  that the material behaves differently, giving quantum dots unprecedented tunability and enabling new applications such as in science, high value added industries and specific technologies, including defence and security.

Magic sized CeO2 Custom Quantum Dots synthesized in industrial scale by Attonuclei
Attonuclei Magic sized Quantum Dots – CeO2 (XRD SAXS results)

Our Company’s routinely synthesize quantum dots and nanomaterials to meet research, pilot-scale and full-scale industrial production requirements. Attonuclei’s core competencies include its ability to perform cutting edge original research and develop innovative pathways for the synthesis of a wide spectrum of elements. Actually, Attonuclei’s offerings include the following:

• Custom quantum dot synthesis,
• Large variety of quantum dots building elements,
• Toxic surfactant free production,
• Custom bioconjugation,
• Custom ligand design and functionalization,
• Development of quantum dots processes for high-volume manufacturing,
• Manufacture of high volumes of high-quality quantum dots.

Producing “functionalized custom quantum dots” with robust characteristics and high volumes of manufacture, and our technology is already impacting a wide range of high income industrial consumers. Attonuclei’s custom quantum dots include the following:

• Without special storage condition,
Ultraclean and monodispersed,
• Photostable and high quantum yield,
• Well defined and precisely tuned luminescence and absorbance spectra,
• Chromatically multicolor-via-single-source excitation,
• High-temperature resistant,
• Dispersion into any type of solvent including water, etc.

Quantum Dots synthesized in Attonuclei's laboratory
Samples of some Quantum Dots synthesized in Attonuclei’s laboratory

Customized Quantum Dots are very versatile particles, they can be doped or functionalized with molecules such as antibodies or peptides, caped with polymers, or conjugated to graphenes, to obtain specific properties for applications in biotechnology or physics (e.g. nanoelectronics or photonics).

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