In May 2018, Attonuclei was represented by Prof. Serge Lefrant, and participated to a Japan tour in the frame of and European program « Enabling Excellence » to visit prestigious companies and promote young European researchers.

Celebration of Professor Malcolm Heggie‘s scientific achievements,

Attendees at the meeting
June 12, 2019, University of Sussex, Brighton (UK)

Malcolm and Molly

This one day event was a celebration of Professor Malcolm Heggie‘s scientific achievements and influence, notably in the field of atomistic simulations of carbon materials. Malcolm passed away in January 2019 at the age of 63.  The meeting included scientific presentations from colleagues and friends from around the world, exploring point defects, dislocations, mechanical properties and other aspects of atomistic simulations of carbon and related materials.

Attonuclei, represented by Prof. Serge Lefrant, in recognition of the importance of the computational activities in the development of new materials and their properties.

Prof. Serge Lefrant

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