The first Quantum Dots integrated Nanobiotechnological device for skin regeneration

As part of a consortium between Attonuclei and the University Hospital of Nantes, a meeting between physics, chemistry and the medical world, the SUccESS project was born.
After a burn, the epidermis is destroyed and the body is threatened. The management of burn victims is extremely complex because of the specific care required for the healing process. The main goal of the treatment is to restore the skin barrier as quickly as possible by avoiding the formation of scars, infections and pain.

Attonuclei’s expertise in the field of nanobiotechnologies has led to the development of an innovative matrix that promotes the regeneration process. Its structure is in the form of a three-dimensional cellular honeycomb network, with interesting absorbing properties, in which various biological compounds are integrated (from Research and Development of Nantes University Hospital) and thus protected from possible damage in contact with the wound. . The CHU is studying the therapeutic properties of a secretome produced from fetal cells. This secretome, which groups together a set of biological compounds, will be integrated into the matrix.

To date, there are different types of dressings and grafting techniques to manage burns but none can prevent these different points at the same time.

The objective of SUccESS is to develop a dressing of a new generation to overcome the problems currently encountered during the use of other devices market. Attonuclei participated in the RHU consortium with its Bionuclei subsidiary, as well as the NAOS group, Nantes University Hospital.

This € 21 million consortium was selected on the basis of scientific quality, innovation and the potential for medical and economic benefits. He was selected during the RHU call for projects among 67 other files of which 15 were selected, by a jury composed of 40 international jurors from the hospital and medical industry.

Two types of quantum dots have been conjugated to the matrix, giving it an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and healing effect. Its color is modulated by the pH of the medium in which it is located. This property makes it possible to detect possible infections and necroses as soon as possible and paves the way for telemedicine monitoring.

This dressing improves skin healing by acting on the different stages of the process that are: proliferation, differentiation and migration / cell adhesion.

This scientific validation allows Attonuclei to continue to advance its Research and Development in the field of artificial skin. The total estimated cost of the SUccESS project is 21 894 k € with an aid granted by the Future Investment Program (PIA) of 6 426 717 €.

The distribution of the sum between the different partners involved in the project according to the estimated cost of the studies carried out. The project involves the development of the medical device, efficacy studies, clinical trials and marketing.

The development of this medical device will thus allow the management of burns more comfortably for the patient and more efficient for the medical profession.

This innovation is also a financial gain for health professionals since the length of hospitalization of patients will be reduced overall and will avoid the practice of certain anesthetics necessary to relieve pain.

SUccESS Medical Device
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