NanoteC is one of the longest running series of international nanoscale carbon conferences in Europe since 1998. It brings together scientists working with nanoscale carbon materials: nanotubes, graphene, diamond- and fullerene-related nanostructures.

NanoteC19 took place last August in Saragossa (Spain) with about 60 Europeans, American and Australian participants. The organizing committee is part of The “Instituto di Carboquimica” (ICB), a laboratory from the “Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas” (CSIC), and also includes the British Carbon Group, and the University of Saragossa.

There were many presentations about specific themes as nanoparticles and composites research, discussing both theoretical and industrial applications topics.

For several years now, Attonuclei takes part to these conferences, and was this year represented by Prof. Serge Lefrant. Attonuclei’s goal was to describe its activities and to promote the innovative materials developed by its researchers. The company exhibited a poster entitled “Design, Production and Use of Quantum Nanodots for Industrial Applications” and also introduced Attonuclei Award 2019.

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